About Us

Created in 2021, Strawberry Reds' founding ethos is to deliver the best products with the best service to the best kitchens.

The owners Samuel LeJolivet & Chris Knowles bring together over 25 years experience of working in the fine food sector, their passion for all things patisserie led them to start Strawberry Red to provide the best service to the best pastry chefs in the UK

Their excellent product knowledge, range and flexibility is strengthening their reputation as the top pastry chefs concierge service and go to supplier of all things patisserie.

So whether you are a professional running a patisserie business from home or simply a passionate baker willing to achieve satisfying results, they give you access to chefs secret ingredients.

 They provide exceptional products in affordable and suitable pack sizes that will make your creations an amazing success. Strawberry Red was born to serve you in the same way as the best pastry chefs in the most prestigious establishments in the country.